Qawis Dakar Company was established in 2017, as a company specialized in importing cars, spare parts and car accessories of all kinds. The company also works in the field of importing tires, tables, motor oils, lubricants and all car care supplies and engines.

The company has witnessed continuous development, with new markets. Through dealing with distinctive brands since its inception, and continues to strive to continue in order to continue to provide the best services to its valued customers. The company is managed by a sales and marketing team and is proud to offer high quality products that have won the trust of renowned clients.


The vision of the founders and the board of directors of the company is to make Qawis Dakar one of the leading companies in its field, and to make our goal always to provide high quality products that are trusted and satisfied by our customers and partners.


The company’s management develops a specific strategy that believes in rapid and sustainable growth, which targets the foundations and international standards:

“quality, prices and timelines”

so that we stick to the timetable within the estimated budget and standards of professional safety and quality  to ensure the satisfaction of our  valued customers.

By working to meet and adhere to our strategy, we rely on below factors:


We take full responsibility for our products and services and keep our customers always on top of our concerns.

Honesty at work

We have committed ourselves to work hard, sincerely and honestly in terms of maintaining the quality of the products we supply from approved sources, in the presence of many counterfeit products in the Libyan market.

Clarity and transparency

We discuss with our valued customers everything related to products and provide adequate explanations and posing all the challenges to be clear deal in all aspects.

Sales Strategy:

These objectives are the basis of the company’s success factors and we do not seek to increase sales only, but beyond that, to be a continuous source to stimulate our work and direct us towards creativity and excellence :

  1. Commitment to the highest quality standards.
  2. Expanding our services, spreading our branches and continuously enhancing our capabilities.
  3. To be one of the major national companies operating in our field.
  4. Diversifying our products and targeting different international markets.
  5. Excellence in sales processes and after-sales services.
  6. Providing various payment methods.

Spread Policy:

The company is working to diversify its locations and aims to cover the cities of economic importance and centers of economic weight within the Libyan soil, we worked hard and through our main branches in achieving the principle of spread through a series of branches and distributors:

  1. Main Branch – Tripoli
  2. Central Region Branch – Misurata City
  3. Mountain area Branch – the city of Asabaa.

We are also proud to have a network of distributors in several cities:

  1. Eastern Region: Benghazi – Ajdabiya – Tobruk.
  2. Western and Central Regions: Zliten, Zawiya, Sorman, Sabratha, Gemayel, Gharyan, Zintan and Nalut.
  3. Southern region: Sabha -Obari – Al-Qatroun.