Because we truly believe in the need for our customers and distributors to get the best products, we worked hard to deal with several companies specializing in the manufacture of spare parts and accessories of various kinds of cars and tires and oils and engine oils and all car care supplies and engines, and across many countries to be This is in line with the development in the automotive spare parts industry including: Germany – France – Russia – Turkey – UAE.
We work in cooperation with more than one brand and we will spare no effort in networking with more specialized companies in our field, to diversify the sources of our products and down at the aspirations of our valued customers.

UAB SCT Lubricants is a leading manufacturer of high quality engine oils and automotive fluids located in Klaipeda, Lithuania. Our factory dates back to 1962, when a new company called Klaypedskaya Neftebaza was founded. More than thirty years later, in 1993, this plant was registered as an oil manufacturing unit under the name of Pemco Kuras. In the end, it was the German shareholding company SCT that acquired the company in 2004 to form a UT SCT lubricant. Reconstruction and modernization began on a large scale by the new SCT administration, most notably the expansion of divisions and refurbishment of equipment. In 2012, a new modern laboratory was established and a workshop for the production of plastic containers was opened at the same time. Since 2018 metal cans have been produced by the factory itself. Also, the field of office and storage facilities is constantly increasing.

Its production of engine oil and lubricants uses advanced technologies and the latest scientific and technological achievements. The fully computerized packaging workshop allows it to perform tasks quickly, accurately and in a timely manner, as well as regulate and renew the availability of the necessary raw materials by working closely with suppliers and strictly monitoring the quality control of products and packaging. Installed high-precision computers and full control over the entire production process give them the right to say that the development of production capacity is underway. Furthermore, they always strictly monitor technological processes and adhere to a unified quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 international quality standards.

In addition, UAB SCT lubricant company seeks to make its production as environmentally friendly as possible. By working with motor oils, it is necessary to understand the importance of appropriate waste management measures such as waste disposal or recycling. That’s why UAB SCT is cooperating with the largest waste recycling companies in Lithuania.

Today, the UAB SCT oil plant is one of the newest in Europe, with 150 employees to meet the needs of customers in 120 countries on all five continents. The company offers more than 500 different types of products for the most popular brands of cars, trucks, buses, water transport, etc., thanks to a strong belief in what they are doing and thanks to their high capabilities: 10 hectares of factory buildings, 30,000,000 l storage capacity in tanks and 50,000 square meters of storage space. Their laboratories meet the requirements of the latest standards, and products can reach their destination quickly and safely because of their location close to the Baltic Sea.